Can we still innovate in PAM technology?

A PAM (Privileged Access Management) solution can be seen in IT as a bastion host allowing to trace and monitor privileged users. It can also analyse data and behaviours in real time in order to detect suspicious or abnormal actions.

However, how to manage the use-case of a third-party provider or a remote administration from a non-corporate and un-controlled workstation? It is unreal to think that a dedicated station will be allocated for each administered network.

And how to guarantee that the IT administrator behind the screen is still the one who logged in?

Join us on Thursday, October 29 at 03.00 PM Gulf Standard Time / 02.00 AM Saudi Arabia time to attend our webinar

« Can we still innovate in PAM technology? »

During this session, you will learn how Systancia Cleanroom innovates by being the only PAM product providing IT administrators with the only virtual, sterile and disposable desktop for the administration of all your resources, on-premise or in the cloud, which goes far beyond the traditional bastion host.

Systancia Cleanroom will be providing you with the:

  • Monitoring module to track IT administrator actions,
  • Password Vault module to manage and secure login credentials,
  • Virtual Desktops module to increase security level,
  • Secure Extranet module based on ZTNA to enable secure remote access,
  • Continuous Authentication based on artificial intelligence algorithms to guarantee in real time that the person behind the screen is the one who logged in

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Thursday, October 29

Presented by

Jonathan Fussner - International Territory Manager

Mark Malarkey - Pre-sales Consultant

02.00 PM Arabia Standard Time (KSA time)

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