Secure sustainable telework

If telework has been implemented and institutionalized in companies' practices since the first lockdown, many organizations have not yet set up their long-term telework strategy, which must combine ergonomics and security of remote access in any situation.

Remote access to internal resources and applications is not only limited to the company's employees but also to other third parties (third-party maintainers, partners, service providers, etc.). As a potential source of security risks for the information system, these remote accesses must be secured via a solution controlled by the organization. The challenge for these organizations is to secure all remote accesses (teleworkers and third parties) and if possible, via a single solution.

We invite you to fill this form to access to the replay of our webinar to learn how "zero-trust" solutions can protect you from these risks.


In this replay, you will learn how Systancia Workroom Session, a "zero-trust" solution as a public cloud service, allows you to:

  • Secure access for teleworkers, whether they are using a personal or professional workstation, via a secure access from a simple Internet browser.
  • Provide teleworkers with the same user experience and performance as when they are in the office.
  • Strengthen the security of these accesses through multi-factor authentication without compromising the ease of access and user experience.

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