How to provide a simple and fast secure access for your IT providers?

The access of service providers to the information system is one of the entry points that are particularly targeted by cyber attackers. Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions can be used to track access and thus protect against data leakage, malicious actions, or the risk of ransomware propagation. However, they can sometimes be too restrictive to deploy. Limited resources and cyber skills, limited budget, or apprehension about maintenance, are all obstacles to the implementation of PAM.

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In this replay, you will learn how Systancia Cleanroom Session Service, the only PAM solution as a public cloud service, allows organizations to autonomously monitor the access of their IT providers in a few clicks and thus significantly increase their level of security without any investment in infrastructure and time, by offering:

  • All classic PAM features and many more: web recording without adding infrastructure, behavioral authentication, etc.
  • Simple and fast deployment that allows you to start using the solution in a few minutes
  • Costs spread out over time according to the actual usage

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